[31 Aug] Daily Best Post and Best Comment Winners

Sep 01 · 1Play Official

Hi 1Players, announcing the daily 🔥 best post and best comment 🔥 winners for 31 Aug.

✨ Best Posts [Rewards: 200 FreeFire Diamonds/ 120 UC/ 100 MLBB Diamonds]
1. @Rendang ayam25
2. @Malik hanzla​
3. @Rendang daging26​

⭐ Best Comments [Rewards: 100 FreeFire Diamonds/ 60 UC/ 50 MLBB Diamonds]
1. @Naruto Namikaze​
2. @Malik hanzla​
3. @Rendang daging26​
4. @Kak ROsE Pubg​
5. @Rendang ayam25​

First-time winners, please pm your in-game ID, server ID and IGN to our moderators. You will receive your prizes within 1 week. For those who didn't win, don't give up! There are plenty of other activities in the near future. 🎁 Please continue to enjoy the 1Play app and tell us how we can improve 🔥

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