The Dota 2 2022 Battle Pass is here! A two-part, four-month Battle Pass

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Sep 03

After months of waiting, Battle Pass said thousands of times by TeaGov, and an arduous final day of waiting, the Dota 2 2022 Battle Pass is here!

And this time it’s a two-parter. The unique new format previously teased will see the battle pass run from September 1st until January 12th, and encompass more than four total months.

The Dota 2 2022 Battle Pass will have two parts, unsurprisingly titled Battle Pass: Part I and Battle Pass: Part II. Battle Pass: Part I runs from September 1st – November 2nd, and will be the ‘traditional’ TI Battle Pass for The International 2022. Twenty-five per cent of every purchase prior to the conclusion of The International 2022 will go towards the International 2022 prize pool. That means every purchase up until October 30th presumably.

Battle Pass: Part II will run from November 3rd, and last all the way until January 12th. It’s unknown whether this battle pass will contribute anything towards TI or the competitive scene. However, it will instead revolve around “A frigid twist on the classic Diretide event.”

Although not everything has been revealed, here are some of the highlights so far:

We currently don’t know exactly how the two-part Battle Pass will work. However, we assume that progress from the Part I will continue to Part II, but nothing is confirmed. 

We do know, however, that several key parts of the Battle Pass, such as Diretide, the Voidstorm Asylum Razor Arcana, the Conduit of the Blueheart Crystal Maiden Persona, and dozens of Immortals will not be released until Part II.

Overall this is a welcome but confusing change to Battle Passes. Will this new two-part structure help even out the prize pool of Majors across the Dota 2? Will splitting the content between two parts mean that less people splash out on the Battle Pass, and instead wait until everything has been released? Either way, wallets are sure to be hurting after this one.

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