Faceless Void Arcana Released as Part of the Newest Battle Pass

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Sep 03

It has become a holiday that Dota fans everywhere celebrate: Battle Pass release day. And as part of the release day the latest Arcana has also been revealed. As a result of last year’s voting, the newest Arcana is for Faceless Void. Like the Nemestice Battle Pass, this Arcana seems to be a Battle Pass exclusive. This means that players will only be able to get it through playing through the Battle Pass. Here a look at the Arcana and it’s new quirks and abilities.

The Arcana is unlocked at level 495 of the Battle Pass. The Arcana is entitled “Claszian Apostasy,” a reference to the god that Faceless Void worships in the lore. The story is that Faceless Void has abandoned his god, but in the process has unleashed his power upon the world. The look of the Arcana gives a Lovecraftian feel. There are creepy tentacles coming from the ground and just an overall sense of dread emanating from the hero model.

Like the other Arcana’s, this one gives Faceless Void new effects for his abilities when he uses them. These abilities of course have new portraits to reflect the changes to his look. In terms of the actually ability effects, they reflect the eldritch nature of Faceless Void’s transformation as well as the powers of his god. his bash now spawns tentacles that whip at enemies to cause the stun. Chronosphere now has darker effect, with a large coiled tentacle crossing the sphere.

In addition to his actually abilities, the Arcana also gives new icons and effects for some typical items you would buy on the hero. Mask of Madness gives off more shadow for a ghostly effect. There are also new icons and effects for Maelstrom and Mjollner. They both now give off a purple lightning effect when activated or triggered. Mjollner also has the activated ability changed, with the lightning cast around the hero now the same purple that gets sent out by the passive ability.

It also comes with new effects for when you get a kill and a deny. The original voice actor for the hero has returned as well, recording over 800 new voice lines for the hero to really sell the transformation!

Last but not least, this Arcana will also have an unlockable style. Entitled “Claszian Supremacy,” the alternative style changes the color scheme to an eerie white and blue. In order to unlock the Arcana, players will have to have enemy heroes die in a Chronosphere. This includes both kills and assists each giving one point. You can earn up to a maximum of six points per match. Once you reach 250 points, then you will unlock the style.

What’s super cool with this Arcana is the reference to the original DotA model for the unit. The squid like features, due to the creature originally being part of the Naga faction of Warcraft III, have returned in force for this Arcana. Void has even got his comically-large squid hand back.

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