Team SMG CEO steps down after TI11 qualifiers disqualification

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Sep 03

It’s not been a good year for Team SMG.

The team’s plans to play at the first The International in Southeast Asia has been entirely derailed. SMG failed to finalize their roster before the cutoff registration date, and therefore disqualified from the Regional Qualifiers.

This also means that their two new recruits, Singaporeans Daryl “iceiceice” Koh and Wilson “poloson” Koh, will not play in front of the home crowd. Iceiceice has only missed one other TI in 2017.

Kenchi Yap, CEO of Team SMG, has stepped down, and an interim will take his place.

“Several reasons contributed to the unfortunate situation, including communication breakdown between the team manager and players as well as the late confirmation of finalised DPC roster,” the statement wrote.

An appeal from SMG to Valve was purportedly denied.

Both the players and management have discussed the issue, and “acknowledged that there were mistakes made that was uncalled for.”

“We accept full responsibility for what has happened and our lapse in judgement that caused our disqualification,” the organization wrote.

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