Post match 4 SEA Play-ins...

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After 4 matches of PMPL SEA Play-ins. The results is quite unexpected by many people especially those living in Indonesia. Bigetron Red Aliens is on top of the chart after a lackluster performance in PMPL ID Finals and PMWI after party, but now it seems like they will be going to see if they can keep up their performance.

Meanwhile ETP (VN) got themselves a chicken dinner in the last match and tied their points to BTR. It is not known if ETP has been a long running team in VN or its a new team, but if it's a new team, potential that VN being the new strongest region in SEA is undeniable.

At the same time 2 of Malaysian Team (THQ/DBD) is chasing tight into the Top 3. This is not the first time THQ playing in SEA,They did join the very first PMPL SEA (As BTR Arov) which makes them pretty experienced. DBD in the other hands is an experienced team but not in SEA, although...They had a better performance in both league and finals compared to THQ.

Meanwhile NSEA(MY) is stranded at last place. It seems like they lost their way after getting bronze in SEA Games 🤔 could they be too relaxed and lost a bit of their touch?

Anyways who do you think would qualify to PMPL SEA League? Will it be the teams from PMPL or APAC Cup?

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