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PMPL SEA League is coming soon, so let's break down the power chart in the league beginning with the champion candidate, a.k.a the S-Tier Teams.

Hailing from Thailand, we have The Infinity. The two times PMPL TH Champion and the PMPL SEA S3 Champion show their domination when they won against many top teams like Buriram united,Faze Clan and Bacon. Even the mighty PMWI Champion,Vampire esports can't win against them. Definitely one of the most feared in the SEA region.

And right under Thailand,we have our proud representative, GeekFam MY who's scored perfect 80s in the League, GeekFam MY is the only team that has won 3 Weeks Straight in the PMPL League which made them undeniably at their best right now. No matter what combination that they put out for a match,they always managed to rack up lot of kills even if they died early or too soon. Definitely the best we have from Malaysia.

AlterEgo Limax players had quite a lot of experience in The SEA, though they might not have the strongest firepower, their brains definitely make up for their losses.This ultimate wildcard team has made a lot of surprises in the Pro League like winning chicken dinner via healing or being in the Top 2 for SEA Finals in their first SEA participation. For sure need to look out for this team, especially in Sanhok.

Dingoz Xavier aka the SEA Spring Champion has not lost their momentum in the latest PMPL Fall VN. Again and again Vietnam team try to lift their trophy in the SEA and finally after 4 years, they lifted it via DXavier in PMPL SEA Spring 2022. They seems to be like a perfectly balanced team compared to the rest of the S-Tier Teams as they know how to change their play style in different situation. Will they claim their trophy back?

These are all the teams that I have high hopes for winning SEA League/Championship. Do you think there will be a wild A or B tier team take up the throne?

Tell me in the comment box below~

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