Unfairness before Regional Clash?

Sep 06 · Moderator

As many people know, Kill Export (KE) is the champion for Asia Pacific Cup which is a tournament to pick who'll get to join the SEA Play-ins, and also who get to play in Regional Clash.

But to a surprise,KE is not the team that was invited to PMRC, Instead it was Yangon Galacticos. While YG has a lot of experience in SEA Pro League,it does not justified them taking away the invited slot from KE.

Cambodian team has many times try to rise to the top from the qualifiers but just when they gotten their hopes up, this happens. PUBG Mobile Esports Team should really stick to their rules instead of choosing people favourites to play in PMRC.

This year PMGC Finals is confirmed to be held in Indonesia so I guess the Red Team going to get invited again instead of the Top Indonesian SEA Teams?

Only time will tell if fairness would play in the PUBGM Esports scene....

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