Antagonism? Excuses

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Indonesia while has been know to have a really good lineup of caster, now has been watered down to a really,REALLY Bad level. So Bad that Malaysian PUBGM Caster, OnTheGo went out to called him out.

Indonesian PUBGM Caster, JuniorJr has recently called DBD a Malaysian PUBGM Team, Demam Berdarah in a match simply because they're on the run to get the 3rd PMPL SEA League slot (which they got) while BTR Chasing close behind.

In a post by OTG that called him out that a professional caster should not call a team something they're not or offend a team in anyways. JuniorJr replied that there are no antagonist in the caster world so he should be the antagonist. OTG replied to him by saying why would caster world need an antagonist? You think it's a drama?

This is not the first time JuniorJr makes some offensive comment on teams outside Indonesia. In the same match,he also said that all teams are afraid of Indonesian that's why they ganged up to take out Indonesian team first. In PMPL SEA S4, he also called Team Secret many names like Team Shelter,Team Stalber and Team Severny because they keep changing their dropspot.

What do y'all 1Players thoughts about this,should JuniorJr get removed from the ID Caster Lineup because of his behavior?

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