Malaysia's Best vs China's Best

Sep 08 · Moderator

A while back, a video of uHigh vs ChengC has been released on YouTube. For those wondering who are these two, ChengC is a PEL player from China for LGD Esports. He is said to be a better player than Paraboy despite not playing in any global tournament. He is also the one and only Full MVP of PEL which team is still on the bottom of overall ranks.

uHigh in the other hands has made a name for himself back in PMWL 2020 by soloing Valdus esports and many other teams while he's in Team Secret. He is the 5 Times PMPL Champion (S1 Finals/S2 League and Finals/Fall Split League and Finals) and has earned many MVP titles as well.

But it is not known how these two agreed to have a match against each other.But the results is pretty surprising, here's a link to the video :

Do you think Global players are steadily chasing China? Or China still is #1 in PUBGM scene?

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