IESF22 : Who will get picked?

Sep 09 · Moderator

IESF Bali 2022 will clash with PMGC Main event which automatically made GeekFam unable to participate in this tournament. And so,who should be the one represent Malaysia?

Personally for me,Teams that qualified in PMPL SEA League,should NOT join this tournament even if they're invited. This is because they still have chance to qualify into PMGC through the SEA Finals which is a much more prestigious tournament than IESF Bali. So teams like SEM9,4RVL,DBD and Yoodo Alliance should not receive the invitation.

But then, who? Personally,I would prefer veteran teams like Team Haq or Team Secret to join this tour. Team Haq has been performing rather greatly this season, and almost steal the slot to SEA League held by DBD. Meanwhile Team Secret, even though they're at their worst right now, it just a part of learning process with new players. Do not forget that they too,had won PMPL SEA before.

Genexus is my favourite team but it seems like they're cooking something within their roster🤔 I wonder who that is🤔 could the IGN starts with 9🗿.
Anyways at the end of the day,MESF will be the one picking the team to join IESF, let's just hope there's no crony action happens this time around~

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