End of an Era?

Sep 12 · Moderator

Based on some rumours around, other than Madtoi internal conflict, it seems that other 2 of TS Main player will be the leaving the team. The First which is iShotz who has been in Team Secret for 2 years and the only Malaysian Player to play 4 international PUBGM Tour continuously.

The second one is,well Madtoi. His contract should technically last 2 more years but it seems like it won't come true and gonna get cut short. And the third one is Fredo who's contact end this season. (His contract is 4 seasons which is 2 years)

It is no wonder why Team Secret currently recruiting so many young players, such as KiD, Xylyn,iZane and Abiyy. We should be able to see the lineup above once a farewell post has been officially announced. Which is maybe the Spring of 2023.

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