Top mage and enchanter supports thriving on patch 12.10 Durability Update

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Jun 16

The Mid-Season Invitational 2022 (MSI 2022) saw Nautilus and Leona as the two most-picked support champions. These engagers have been popular in pro play for several seasons because of their ability to capitalize on opportunities and start fights for the team — but no longer.

League of Legends patch 12.10 Durability Update promised to change the meta, shaking up every role in the game by making champions beefier, with added base health, armor, and magic resistance. Team fights now last longer, as assassins and burst mages are no longer able to 100 to zero squishy enemy targets anymore, unless they’re way ahead.

Because of this, engage support champions that previously almost guaranteed a kill after one rotation of spells are no longer relevant. Instead, patch 12.10 is ruled by mage and enchanter supports.

At the time of writing, the top five supports with the highest win rate this patch are Janna, Senna, Renata Glasc, and Zilean, according to U.GG.

Janna received a mini rework at the start of the year on patch 12.2, but still wasn’t able to shine in solo queue or in pro play. Even though she’s a natural counter to engage supports, she was still too weak to make a dent, as it was more effective fighting fire with fire.

Now on patch 12.10, however, she currently holds the highest win rate in this role. With Eye of the Storm’s attack damage shield that boosts fellow succeeding auto attack AD carries in the meta, she’s finally S-tier again. It’s time to press E and profit.

The absence of initiators in the bot lane has also made way for immobile, squishy supports to rise. Sona’s short cooldowns mean that she’s able to recast her abilities many times over in long-drawn out fights, which increases her value this patch.

In fact, Sona’s rework at the end of Season 11 gives her a passive that helps her scale well into the late game. She generates a stack of Accelerando each time she hits an enemy with Hymn of Valor or supports an ally with Aria of Perseverance, up to 120 times.

Each stack grants her 0.5 ability haste up to 60. At max 120 stacks, the cooldown of her ultimate, Crescendo, will be reduced by 1.5 seconds per additional stack.

Senna, who has two Prestige skins to her name, is also top five. Besides helping Riot Games sell skins with a whopping 18.8% pick rate, this AD support was specifically designed for the late game, and is a no-brainer pick on the patch 12.10 Durability Update.

Giving your teammate two lives is also a big plus (three if they buy Guardian Angel), evident by Zilean’s 52.84% win rate.

Not far down the list of enchanter supports with positive win rates this meta are Soraka, Nami, and Lulu. Mage supports Vel’Koz, Xerath, Brand, and Zyra have also climbed the ranks.

At the bottom is Leona with a 46.60% win rate, alongside Rakan (47.09%) and Taric (46.74%). Even if Leona or Rakan engage, their teammates can’t burst anyone down anymore. Taric also has awfully long cooldowns, so even if a fight drags on, he won’t be able to cast more than one iteration of spells.

Rakan and Taric are slated for buffs in the next patch 12.11, however, so we might see an improvement in their win rate thereafter.

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Amanda "Tania Mae" Tan  ONEESPORTS  2022-06-01 22:20:00
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