The Truth

Sep 13 · Moderator

With all the rumour of why JangS is suddenly leaving Yoodo Alliance. The Truth is...Finally revealed in his livestream.

JangS mentioned about a player in Yoodo Alliance that always get stressed out and depressed when losing a match and JangS always encourage him to be patience during the game. But then, when JangS asked why he won the game, his answer is always "sebab aku memang jaguh", which translate to "because I am the best". It's like he took all JangS word with a grain of salt after winning the match.

I think I already know which player is the one causing JangS to leave...And I already hinted it too... But If y'all would like to know the player to be exact, you can watch Dream Chaser Episode 1~

Link of livestream:

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