RNG qualifies to TI11 after another 3-0 sweep

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Sep 13

Royal Never Give Up (RNG) are the winners of The International 2022 (TI11): China Qualifier, defeating favorites Xtreme Gaming 3-0. Even though the 3-0 “curse” continues, RNG are the first to win the qualifier through the Upper Bracket. Where as in other regions, teams such as Infamous and Outsiders fell to Lower Bracket opponents.

The full RNG roster that will participate in TI11:

The latest iteration of RNG consists of former PSG.LGD players such as Somnus, Chalice and xNova who came close to winning TI8 after narrowly losing to OG 2-3. Although not as far, they also finished third at TI9 dropping the series to Team Liquid (now Nigma Galaxy). Needless to say RNG have what it takes to perform well at TI11.

Even though they were considered as the favorites to win, Xtreme Gaming fell short at the qualifier Grand Finals against RNG. Despite their best efforts, RNG made the whole series looked easy toward the end of each game. Midlaner Somnus set himself apart with an incredible showing on all three games as Puck and Queen of Pain. He attained the highest average for kills, assists and gold throughout the series. He also had the least number of deaths among all players.

Moments after their victory, RNG publicized and celebrated their achievement on Chinese social media platform. Weibo. Their post below translates to “We are very happy that we defeated Xtreme Gaming 3-0 to win the TI11 China qualifier and receive a direct invitation for TI11! Thank you to all the players for their hard work and wonderful performance, and thank you to the fans for their love and support! We hope that we will show our strength in the upcoming TI11. We will gather our strength, move forward and get good results!”

With RNG qualified to TI11, Xtreme Gaming and Vici Gaming will have to try their luck once more at the Last Chance Qualifier. Among others yet to come, they will be facing strong contenders such as Outsiders, Natus Vincere, Infamous and Tempest for just two final spots at TI11.

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