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The Final 5 players that will represent Malaysia to IESF Bali 2022 is a combination of players from Team Haq (DamQT,Zully,Camper) and NSEA (FlaxOP, Franky).

The decision to choose between these two teams by Tencent MY was because of splendid performance showed by Team Haq (And they're the best choice after those who's leaving for PMPL SEA) and NSEA's past records (3rd in 31st SEA Games (Team) ).

It is said that they had tried numerous combination of players before finally deciding on these players.

Meanwhile,Geek Fam also express their disappointment in not being able to join IESF to redeem their lost in SEA Games. But I'm sure they gonna redeem themselves in PMGC.

Do you think this is the best combination for IESF? What's your dream lineup?

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