Exclusive: Is the Talent System officially scrapped? Moonton clarifies

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Sep 16

When Moonton suddenly canceled the rollout of its Talent System in Mobile Legends just a few weeks before its release, many were left wondering whether it had been simply delayed or completely scrapped.

After all, the new talents were a complete overhaul of the emblem system, which had been in the game since its release. It was supposed to be part of Moonton’s Project NEXT, an initiative started in 2020 to update old heroes and gameplay.

According to Moonton’s chief designer Skyhook, they received negative feedback from beta testers about its “complex design,” and were unable to solve the issues in time for its release.

To clarify the matter, ONE Esports spoke to a Moonton spokesperson about whether we can still expect to see the Talent System eventually.

“The system is currently undergoing review, and will be revisited,” the spokesperson said.

In addition to the negative feedback, the rep said they also took into account its impact on pro play. The new system would have been released in the middle of the Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Professional League (MPL) regular season and right before the M4 World Championship early next year, potentially changing how the game is played.

Aside from the new talents, the changes were supposed to allow players to change their loadout after they lock in a hero, or pick talents based on recommendations and pro player builds, similar to the existing pro item build system that lets players replicate the builds of top players.

However, no exact timeframe was given on when they intend to revisit the Talent System.

The Gusion and Lesley rework and the magic sentry and turret updates this month will still proceed as planned.

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