Is it Fair?

Sep 18 · Moderator

As most people know, every country in SEA has their slot increased for PMGC League. But to be fair, is it actually a good thing?

Well for starters, We can finally see some familiar faces back into the PMGC League with this relegation, for example Bigetron and 4Rivals. It's also a good thing for Tencent as they can have more viewers by doing this move, at the same times giving the other team chances to proof themselves on the bigger stage.

But on the side note, why is it only SEA that gets the extra slot? While SEA has the biggest fan base for PUBG Mobile esports because of the region achievement and having their own regional league, SEA alone already has 13 slot for PMGC League east (8 from invitations,5 from SEA Finals). It doesn't seem really fair for other region who only have 3 slots (minus PMPL Africa 1 slot).

I am actually happy to see Malaysia has more teams to join PMGC but at the same times personally disappointed that it isn't fair for all region, and this makes the PMGC league almost unhealthy because of ever changing rules.

I hope that after this PMGC, Tencent would have a fixed format for the future global tournaments. Did you agree with my opinion?

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