Everchanging format

Sep 18 · Moderator

PUBG Mobile Regional Clash is coming real soon and the expectation for SEA Teams are high... well at least it was.

With the new point system debuting in this PMRC, it seems like placement point and rankings are that much valuable anymore as it has been decreased tremendously.

It is not known if this will be the new standard for the other tournament coming soon which is PMPL SEA League. If it is, I'm afraid that many Malaysian and Indonesian teams will struggle to keep their dominance compared to Thailand and Vietnam teams.

I do hope that this system is a handicap for China teams who hasn't been playing that much PUBG Mobile compared to GFP in the global stages as this point system is strikingly similar to the one they using in PEL.

Now then, who do you think will be in the top 3? Mine would be LGD,GeekFam and Nova.

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