2 Done 4 To Go

Sep 19 · Moderator

Just now MEL22 State Qualifier (PUBGM) has started, and we collected 9 placement points and 2 kill points in the 2 matches we played.

It is a good start in the erangel when almost every place we go is either not occupied and decent the play,until the last circle went to the middle of the road. We had no choice to but go straight to the middle and make some bunkers with vehicle then hold on as long as possible. We got Top 4 in the match and 2 kills.

For the Sanhok game, well... It's kinda bad. None of our players have any experience playing sanhok and so, we just ran into the rainforest without any preparation. Finally got ambushed by OG Red Team. And thus only 1 placement point given (finished at #11).

But MEL22 is far from over, with 2 matches done and 4 matches to go. I'm sure we'll managed to qualify to the state finals. Do support us 1Players!@SniperBOY@SerapSaipan

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