Talon’s kpii after qualifying for TI11: “I hope T1 wins LCQ, what’s a TI without ana and Topson right?”

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Sep 20

Talon Esports just qualified for TI11 after dominating the TI11 Southeast Asia (SEA) Qualifier. After the close win, Damien “kpii” Chok sat down with the casters for an interview. The offlaner commented on Polaris Esports vs T1’s performance. He also hopes to see the ana-Topson duo make it to TI through the Last Chance Qualifier (LCQ).

Despite being one of the bigger fishes in the SEA region, Talon hasn’t been solid in its last few tournaments. During the PGL Arlington Major, Talon finished 13th-14th. The Gamers Galaxy HatYai saw Talon exit the tournament early and the ESL One Malaysia was the same case. It was reasonable that the community started doubting Talon’s ability coming into the TI11 Qualifier but they proved the doubters wrong.

Talon delivered an undefeated run across the Upper Bracket of the TI11 SEA Qualifier, defeating Lilgun, Polaris Esports, and T1. While Talon successfully booked a slot to TI11, the 2nd-3rd placers, Polaris Esports and T1 are to compete in the LCQ for one final chance.

During the post-match interview, kpii – who looked completely overwhelmed after the close 3-2 series – couldn’t quite express his emotions, “I haven’t had this feeling for a very, very long time that’s all I can say. Especially since it was 3-2 it was like.. even more like, I don’t know,. I just haven’t had this feeling for a long time, can’t explain it.”

It has indeed been a while since kpii attended the grandest Dota 2 competition. He last attended TI in 2019 with Mineski and missed TI10 after falling short under Team SMG. After a Lower Division dash with Talon Esports, kpii will now attend TI11 with the team.

In the interview, Kpii also commented on Polaris’ performance vs T1. “Ana and Topson with T1 on paper, they are the favorites. But based on watching games and based on our series against Polaris and T1, personally, I felt that Polaris was indeed a little bit stronger. There are a lot of small details that not everyone knows about. As a viewer, I would probably be like ‘Oh my god it’s ana and Topson they will go to TI’ which is understandable.”

Looking forward to TI11, kpii also revealed who he is excited to play against at the event. “No flames but I really want to see T1 at TI. Because you know, what’s a TI without ana and Topson right? So I hope T1 can make it through the Last Chance (Qualifier).”

Like most Dota 2 fans, kpii hopes to have T1 at TI11 as the team fields the back-to-back champions. T1 will have some time to prepare before the LCQ begins on October 8th – 12th. In the meantime, Talon will be celebrating its first-ever TI as a team.

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