In the trial server, I used Wanwan for the first time!

molan is coming
Sep 21

I used wanwan for the first time in the trial server, turned out to be an auxiliary
In the process of playing, I gradually realized that "wanwan" is not suitable for beginners.

Before the start of this game, Zilong took the lead in scoring,
with a Maniac and 17 kills in the last game.

Esmeralda steal my first blood!

Then zilong came to bot lane and stole two kills from me.

At this time, Aamon has already stolen the turtle!

Finally broke through many difficulties and came to the enemy's tower. Get ready to push the tower!

At this time, Esmeralda also pushed the tower alone in the bottom lane.

Then all my teammates died, and I was left alone...
The enemy got Triple Kill!

Teammates also began to pass the buck to each other.

In the end still won the game!
I still advise novices don’t to play wanwan in low tiers

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