The Final Ticket to PMNC

Sep 22 · Moderator

Its already a routine that's there's always one invited slot in PMNC from PMCC.

PUBG Mobile Campus Challenge is an open tournament for university students to represent their University in esports. It's has been held in various SEA country since 2019 and always has good response from the fans.

The last year PMCC was held differently compared to the other years as the last one actually did a cross country fight between top 3 university representative in SEA. In that tournament, Malaysia managed to get Top 2 and losing just by a small margin of 4 points.

It seems like based on the announcement made, that this year PMCC will revert back to the champion go to nationals method. Although~ the qualifier will have campus leaders and Open Qualifiers category to determine the top 20 teams. Yes,20 teams so that they'll be playing in a league.

Which university do you think will be on top this year? Personally I'll trust a friend of mine who's in UniKL who actually joined last year and losing in the qualifier only to the champion PMCC. He must be really good to give the champ a run for their money.

So UniKL is my pick, who's yours?

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