G2 go undefeated in ESL Pro League Group B; FaZe close behind

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Sep 22

The ESL Pro League Season 15 is in full swing and Group B matches recently concluded with G2 esports topping the group. However, FaZe Clan was close behind and the Karrigan-led team’s only loss came against G2 esports. Only three teams make it out of the groups

G2 esports went undefeated in the group stage, not even dropping a single map through their five matches. While they won most of their matches with ease, BIG gave them a real challenge, taking them to overtime on both the maps in the series. However, G2’ firepower proved a bit too much for the Germans on that day. 

FaZe and Outsiders were still struggling to ensure their qualification to the playoffs. FaZe Clan managed a decent comeback on Nuke despite BIG’s early lead. The defending champions of the ESL Pro League hwill have their task cut out for them in the playoffs. But if any team is known to persevere it is FaZe Clan.

With a 1.29 rating across ten maps, G2’s NiKo was the standout performer for the team. With a 90.1 ADR, Niko led G2 esports in its undefeated group stage.

The biggest difference in the match between FaZe Clan and G2 esports was mONESY. The 17-year-old had an impressive 1.69 rating blowing all competition out of the water. He ended the two-map series with 51 kills. The next highest number of kills was by FaZe’s rain at 50. 

Despite a strong showing by BIG, they fell short in the group stage. The German roster was the only team to have posed a serious challenge to G2’s dominance in Group B.

G2 esports advances to the quarterfinals, one step closer to the Grand Finals. Meanwhile, FaZe Clan and Outsiders will also advance to the playoffs, albeit in the round of 20.

The ESL Pro League Season 16 features 24 of the best CS: GO teams in teh world competing for glory and a substantial portion of the prize pool. Group A finished with Team Vitality taking the top spot and Fnatic and Natus Vincere coming in with the next two spots.

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