Mobile Legends patch 1.7.20 notes: Every buff, nerf, update, revamp

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Sep 22

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Patch 1.7.20 has been officially released on the original server, just in time for the MPL playoffs in the Philippines, Indonesia, and Malaysia.

This patch features the Project NEXT visual upgrade to Lesley and Gusion, along with the game-changing magic sentry mechanic.

Heroes who are dominating the current meta such as Beatrix, Wanwan, and Natalia have been toned down. In turn, rarely picked heroes such as Minsitthar, Alice, and Valir have received small, but important buffs.

Here are all the buff, nerf, hero revamps, and battlefield adjustments in patch 1.7.20.


Passive – Lethal Shot

Skill 1 – Master of Camouflage

Skill 2 – Tactical Grenade

Ultimate – Ultimate Snipe

Passive – Dagger Specialist

All Weapons

Renner (Sniper Rifle)

Wesker (Shotgun)

Bennett (Grenade Gun)

Nibiru (Submachine Gun)(↑)

Damage increased from 50-67.5% physical Attack to 52.5-70% physical attack


Renner (Sniper Rifle)

[Wesker (Shotgun)

Bennett (Grenade Gun)

Nibiru (Submachine Gun)

Ultimate – Crossbow of Tang

Passive – Assassin Instinct

When concealed

Ultimate – The Hunt

Skill 1 – Shadow Strike

Ultimate – I Am You

Skill 1 – Frenzy Strike

Skill 2 – Instant Blast

Ultimate – My Turn

Skill 1 – Shadow Stampede

Skill 2 – Ghost Bursters

Ultimate – Cult Altar

Ultimate – Rapid Touchdown


Passive – Blood Ancestry

Ultimate – Blood Ode

Skill 2 – Shield Assault

Ultimate – King’s Calling

Skill 1 – Abyss Walker

Ultimate – Spear of Destruction

Skill 1 – Fist Wind

Passive – Spiritual Unity

Ultimate – Feathered Airstrike

Skill 1 – Burst Fireball

Skill 2 – Searing Torrent

Skill 1 – Volley Shot

Skill 1 – Piercing Strike

Skill 2 – Brave Assault

Ultimate – Appraiser’s Wrath

Skill 2 – Rondo

Ultimate (Enhanced) – Bravest Fighter

Skill 2 – Ale

Skill 1 – Smart Missiles

Passive – Smith’s Legacy


Skill 2 – Steel Cable


Passive – Ancient Strength


Glowing Wand

Athena’s Shield

Rapid Boots


Ice Retribution

Flame Retribution

Bloody Retribution

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