Revamped Lesley is every tank’s worst nightmare in MLBB patch 1.7.20

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Sep 23

Moonton released Mobile Legends: Bang Bang patch 1.7.20, and as part of the Project NEXT initiative which updates old heroes, the developers have improved the character model and animations of Gusion and Lesley, two heroes who were released in 2018.

The developers decided to do something more for Lesley. Instead of just updating her character model and skill effects like what they did with Gusion, they have also refined some of her skills.

Lesley has always been a situational pick, for she lacks mobility and early game damage. However, these changes to her skills have made her a viable pick in a meta where tanks are now played in the jungle and EXP lane.


Passive – Lethal Shot

Skill 1 – Master of Camouflage

Skill 2 – Tactical Grenade

Ultimate – Ultimate Snipe

The biggest change to the Deadly Sniper in patch 1.7.20 is that she now deals true damage on her first skill, Lethal Shot. Before the update, only two marksman heroes could deal true damage in the game: Karrie and Wanwan.

This change is already having an impact in ranked games. According to MLBB stats, Lesley is now the second most picked hero in Mythic III and above, overtaking Beatrix for the first time since her release.

Ultimate Snipe’s base damage has also been slightly increased, and now provides an extra 5% crit chance per skill level.

While these changes are definitely welcome in the current meta where tank junglers thrive, she will have less impact in the laning phase against marksmen with gap closers. To balance out the increase in base damage, her attack growth per level and attack speed ratio have been reduced.

Lethal Shot also deals less critical damage. Unless you’re up against someone who has already built defensive items, chances are you won’t deal as much damage.

In short, Lesley is a great marksman against a tanky lineup but still falls flat when compared to other marksmen heroes who have high DPS and gap closers.

Whether Lesley will be picked this season in MPL PH and MPL ID remains to be seen, as new and reworked heroes will only be allowed in pro play two weeks after their debut.

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