What a pig mate!

molan is coming
Sep 23

I got Maniac 5 times in a rank, and ended up stealing Savege for my teammates every time!!!

I'm furious!

That trash balmon robbed me of Savege 4
times! Red Bull robbed me 2 times!Mage robbed 2 times.

What rubbish teammates! All the chocolates on the other side are already full of chocolates, but my teammates still want to rob me of Savege!

Do you understand that feeling! And balmon also got a Savege! I still can't get his Savege!He's still laughing at me!
FuXx team!

I've been through the process of getting my Savege back. But I still can't get it back. I'm furious.

Have you ever met such a teammate? come talk to me~

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