A Honest Mistakes?

Sep 25 · Moderator

PMRC has been going on for 3 days and Malaysian teams doesn't seem to be performing as a lot of fans expected.

SEM9 who opened up with a chicken dinner is now at 15th while GeekFam who fans have high hopes for is at 13th. 4 Rivals meanwhile is the performing one of the bunch although not by much at 12th.

But the main point of this post is about Pemburu who made the same mistakes twice,using weapon skins in game. First on Day 1 and Second on Day 3. And that causes the team to loses out 6 points,which is a lot as every point counts.

Is it a honest mistakes? Don't know. Would it affect the overall rankings? Don't know either. Will Malaysia team rise on the last day? Don't know also.

Let's just hope and pray that at least one of the team reach Top 8 by the end of the tournament.😶

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