Star Walkin’: The 2022 Worlds song by Lil Nas X is officially here

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Sep 25

League of Legends has released the 11th Worlds official anthem, and it’s a banger. Star Walkin’ which is written by Lil Nas X features various players from across the major regions in its music video. With Worlds less than a week away, this anthem will get you in the mood to sit down and watch the opening ceremony in Mexico City on September 29th.

Star Walkin’ is officially here to blast through your headphones!

Lil Nas X’s partnership with Riot Games for this Worlds anthem promised fans something to be excited for, and the song delivers on that. In a mellower pace than previous Worlds’ anthems, the song still gets across just how much Worlds means to everyone involved.

The song delivers powerful lyrics about being “ready to go far” and reach your destiny as well as “why worship legends when you know that you can join em’.” These lyrics are a perfect signpost and signal to the upcoming talent we are seeing across regions and the promising future we can expect of pro play.

As is traditional with all Worlds anthems, the music video for the anthem features several pro players , including; the unkillable demon king Faker (T1 LCK), Humanoid from Fnatic (LEC), CoreJJ from Team Liquid (LCS), Chovy of Gen-G (LCK) and Meiko of Edward Gaming (LPL).

The range of players being demonstrated from major regions as always brings excitement towards seeing the matchups. However, we won’t be seeing CoreJJ at Worlds this year as Team Liquid failed to qualify. But have no fear 100 Thieves, Cloud9 and Evil Geniuses will represent LCS.

So original impressions. For a lot of fans (who have voiced their opinions across social media) there is great dismay at seeing what they view to be a less than the normal quality delivered for anthems across League of Legends international tournaments.

This is further re-enforced when we consider the quality demonstrated in the Worlds 2020 anthem Take Over, Worlds 2021 anthem Burn It All Down and in some fans’ opinions the Valorant anthems as well. All of which we know to have fast pace, and a bang to each of them.

Fundamentally, it’s a good song, and having Lil Nas X write it for Worlds 2022 demonstrates how much hype is now surrounding the League of Legends competitive scene. Lil Nas X was revealed as the “President of League of Legends” in a fun skit ahead of the release of then anthem.

Reactions so far have been mixed. Some fans believe it lacks a powerful bang that we have come to expect from a Worlds anthem, while others believe there is a sense of nostalgia that comes from this anthem. If you’re wondering how good the other anthems were in years gone by, we ranked the best Worlds song last year.

No matter what you think, this anthem tells us one thing for sure, Worlds season is upon us. And that is something we are all ready for, the opening ceremony from Mexico City will begin on September 29th followed up by play-ins on the same day which kicks off with the Mad Lions of LEC vs Isurus of LLA at 4pm EST/9pm BST/4am CST.

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