The most tortured game in the world...

molan is coming
Sep 28

The start was smooth, but after reaching level 5, I found that Kagura got Triple Kill. And Odette also began to come to the gold coin road to support.

Then I went to the mid lane to find Odette, but she got in the car and killed me in less than a second.

I probably can only kill Aldous. I can't kill Johnson, his blood is too thick. I hit him with no pain at all.Even if I change gear it's still the same.

In the later stage, whenever I met kagura, she gave me an umbrella, and I evaporated instantly. At least 6 times!

The teammates are all messing around! They don't cooperate at all, Especially Aldous in my team, but he has to fight for the jungle position!

After 25 minutes of playing, this nightmare is finally over! So tired!

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