Dota streamer xiinya released an anthem made with curse words for her SEA fans

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Sep 29

There is something harrowingly beautiful about the toxicity in SEA Dota. No one can escape it and anyone who has played there will inevitably be consumed. For better or for worse, SEA Dota’s toxicity has become a symbol of pride for the community because there is nothing else quite like it.

Every game in SEA, there is always that one person who barrages others with a flurry of local *ahem* language. Well-known Japanese Dota streamer, xiinya, is one of the many victims. But instead of brooding over the insults, she decided to turn them into a song. Titled as SEA SERVER, xiinya expressed her SEA Dota experience through a ballad filled with curse words. spoke with Xiinya to discuss the inspiration behind her new hit song and her love for SEA Dota.

Devin: Congratulations on the song release, xiinya! Tell us how this song was first originated.

Xiinya: When I learned the languages the first time, I was just joking. I was randomly chanting on my stream “Sohai, cibai, pukimak. Yay!” and people liked it. My chat liked it. And when I uploaded the original chanting clip on Facebook, someone commented and asked me to make a remix of the chant.

Devin: What prompted you to randomly chant these words in the first place?

Xiinya: I love to learn the Malaysian language. When I went to Malaysia for ESL One Genting, I was streaming from there and chanted the curse words. That’s where it all started.

Devin: And who taught you those words?

Xiinya: I heard those words while I was streaming Dota, and I didn’t know what they mean. So I asked my chat what they meant and they taught me everything.

Devin: Tell me your experience after playing many games in SEA, what do you think of SEA Dota?

Xiinya: One thing I’m really surprised about SEA is when I play pubs and someone says gg in the middle of the game looking like they are about to give up, but they actually don’t give up. They say gg but they always never give up. It’s really funny for me.

Because we don’t have a culture like that in Japan. We’re just really polite in Japan. We don’t curse each other. We don’t say bad words at each other. We’re always helping each other. SEA server is very toxic but they have more desire and are always on fire. I like it!

Devin: What one word would you use to describe SEA Dota?

Xiinya: Chaos.

Devin: ESL One Malaysia was your first live Dota event. What do you think of it?

Xiinya: I couldn’t find any Japanese out there! Maybe I was the only one so I felt a little bit weird. But I met a lot of SEA Dota people and they were so friendly. It was my first time to watch Dota in real life and it was really amazing. My heart was touched when OG won and I almost cried. But I was a bit sad because Alliance couldn’t win the tournament.

Devin: You are also going to attend TI11. What are your expectations for the event?

Xiinya: It will be my first TI. I can’t imagine how it would be. But I want to see how hype TI11 will be. Of course a tournament is exciting for me and I want to see the power of SEA out there.

Devin: So which team or teams will you root for at TI11 and why?

Xiinya: I actually have two teams to root for in TI. One is Talon Esports the other is BOOM Esports. For Talon, Hyde is one of my good friends. He is a good player and Talon team are so friendly. That’s why I root for Talon. For BOOM, My Indonesian friend who first got me into Dota is a BOOM fan. She influenced me to become a BOOM fan as well. SEA pride!

Devin: It’s been a pleasure speaking with you! Is there anything you wish to say to your fans?

Xiinya: I just want to say that I love SEA Dota!

We hope you enjoyed learning about the behind the scenes of xiinya’s SEA anthem and her SEA Dota experience. Be sure to check out SEA SERVER by xiinya now on Spotify, Amazon Music and more! Music video is also available on YouTube.

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