Indonesia On Top!

Sep 29 · Moderator

With day 1 of PMPL SEA concluded, we can see that two Indonesian team is on top of the leaderboard with their consistency. AlterEgo and NFT did really well in the last match, making them the #1 and #2 respectively.

In the other hands, Thai team is also not trailing behind with 3 of their 6 teams in the first page. Faze and Infinity still in Top 5 as expected of most casters, Most of them in a decent position except for BRU.

Vietnam SEA Champion is showing a pretty underwhelming performance being in the bottom two alongside BN United. The SEA first timer (ShineLikeDiamond) in the other hand, is the best among the other Vietnam teams.

The same can be said for Malaysia teams, only 4Rivals in the Top 3 while the rest is trailing behind at the bottom 10.

Do you think Malaysia teams will comeback on Day 2???

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