First WWCD for Malaysia 🇲🇾 🔥

Sep 30

After 9 matches of the 2022 PMPL SEA Championship Fall (League), the very first Winner Winner Chicken Dinner (WWCD) for Malaysia finally has been achieved by team Yoodo Alliance on the 10th match in Erangel.

(Picture: PUBG Mobile Esports)

Thailand teams have been dominating insanely for overall of Day 2, as 3 out of the 6 Thai representative teams were able to get 4 WWCDs out of 5 matches being played today. Match 10 (or Match 5 of Week 1 Day 2) was a very chaotic match with third-parties happening everywhere and teams being eliminated very fast throughout the match. Team YALL with the lineup of AdikLuq, Repoboy, Syamil & Oliyo were able to play the match safely and were able to achieve the win with 10 total kills, eliminating Eagle Esport from Vietnam and FaZe Clan from Thailand.

We hope to see Malaysian teams to keep up with the consistency for tomorrow and the matchdays to come 🤟🏻

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