Nata first experience, but! The result is...

molan is coming
Oct 01

This is one of the materials I use to play nata, but it is full of funny things throughout the game.

Let's talk about Harley. Harley is too late to support every time. 😁As long as he arrives on the battlefield, we are basically finished. 😆😂All he can do is brush wild monsters in the wild.🌝🤣🤣🤣

Since I played this game in duo with my friends, you'll see a Grange with a support. ☺️☺️And he's not dead at all!😯
In the early stage, wanwan was beaten so much that he did not dare to leave the tower. 🤣Then! Luoyi in the middle jumped out of the grass! Then gave me two skills and others disappeared :)😁😁

Then Angela flew over on a dragon and brought me a maniac! Really cool!😘😘

After that, we abused the enemies badly~ They are also really chocolate.😅
Do you have any other equipment you can suggest? let me learn :) thanks😀😄

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