End of Week 1 - 2022 PMPL SEA Championship Fall

Oct 02

The first week of the prestigious 2022 PMPL Southeast Asia Championship Fall Split has come to an end, and here is how the standings look like;

(Photo: PUBG Mobile Esports)

Do you see that? The Top 6 is all taken by 🇹🇭Thailand teams😳 Is this PMPL SEA or PMPL TH? 😂 Well Thailand surely have shown their strong domination this week with 14 claimed match wins (WWCD) out of 25 played. FaZe Clan sits atop the leaderboard with 30 points difference to Vampire Esports😱

As for our Malaysian teams, Yoodo Alliance still sits in the Top 10 whereas the other 4 are located towards the bottom half. DBD, as a newcomer to the SEA battlegrounds have been quite unlucky with in-game encounters and lost a lot of battles unfortunately. All in all, Malaysia accumulated 4 WWCDs of 25 matches.

Will Thailand teams continue their domination next week, or will teams from other regions make a comeback? Week 2 of the SEA Championship resumes October 5th!

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