Originally wanted to keep vale's 100% win rate, but...

molan is coming
Oct 03

Originally, my vale record was quite perfect! But I met a group of babi teammates…

I used to play well with a support, but suddenly I found out that frangco didn't buy support shoes, and then I asked him to buy them.It's nothing, the important thing is my teammates. .

In the mid-term, I thought it had improved, but when I saw wanwan's record of 0-7, I felt bad!!!wanwan also said to take us to win, the result :)

Then fanny is also very sucks!She just flew over and immediately disappeared, dead!The people he killed in front were basically ours to assist her!It's useless to persuade her, let him buy anti-armor and she doesn't want it! And she said we were trash! ? ?

badang is also bad, I have already controlled 3 enemies,As a result, his skills were put crooked. And in the end, he still said that our team is very rubbish.

I wonder if everyone is like this now? When you see other people's outfits have some problems, do you say bad?

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