PMPL in South Asia region 👀🏆

Oct 04

While we wait for our PMPL SEA Championship to resume, let's take a little look at PMPL in the South Asia region, in which both the regional leagues of South Asia and Pakistan has ended simultaneously yesterday.

(Picture: PUBG Mobile Esports South Asia)

In PMPL South Asia Fall 2022, team High Voltage from 🇳🇵Nepal emerged victorious with only 27 points ahead from the likes of Deadeyes Warriors in second place. Godlike Stalwart and IHC Esports who are both giant Mongolian teams only managed to finish Top 4 with up to 47 less points in the overall leaderboard. As the Mongolian region dominates the rankings in the top-middle part, unfortunate for the only two Bangladeshi finalist teams were only able to secure 15th & 16th.

(Picture: PUBG Mobile Esports Pakistan)

As for PMPL Pakistan Fall 2022, i8 Esports proved themselves to be one of the top-tier teams in all of Pakistan as they finished with almost a 40-point gap ahead of Team QWERTY in 2nd place.

In a series of unfortunate events, there were some minor drama in the Pakistan scene where Quraysh Esports was caught using cheat tools in the final day of the Finals and was disqualified.

The top 10 teams from PMPL South Asia and top 6 teams from PMPL Pakistan have each advanced to the upcoming PMPL South Asia Championship Fall 2022 which will offer 3 more slots to the 2022 PMGC!

Which teams other than IHC Esports, Godlike Stalwart & i8 Esports (who each have claimed their PMGC tickets through PMGC Qualification Points) will be able to represent the best of South Asia in the global stage? And will South Asia reign supreme across other regions in PMGC?

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