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Oct 04 · Moderator

It is known among people that loaning player is a common thing in esports, one of the best example is uHigh being loaned to GeekFam by Bigetron RA which is why both his ig name and status is still displayed as BTR.

This season, Bravo and Draxx respectively went to FRG Guerilla and Team SMG. That's also mark the first time Draxx leave ManParang in the pro scene.

But sadly, both the team they're in is probably going into degradation (PMNC or PMPL Qualifiers) after a poor performance in the League by Bravo (FRG) and in Finals (Draxx).

Anyways, it is good to see them comeback to SEM9 after a season, although they're not players. It's undoubtedly they will give a lot of moral support as a assistant coach and analyst for SEM9 in PMPL SEA. Good luck in the future, Bravo and Draxx!

(Btw Bravo gained some weight ain't he)

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