Some feedback on some bad teammates.

molan is coming
Oct 04

This was originally an ordinary qualifying match, but it was overwhelmed by teammates.

I don't mean to say anything, just say mlbb's staff can improve the game environment.

The teammates started cursing at the very beginning of this round, and scolded me for stealing his shooter route. He didn't say that he was going to use a shooter, so I was scolded for no reason.

Halfway through the game, my teammates started scolding me again, saying that I was trash, which was basically scolding me. Then he started to do things. I tried my best to persuade her not to mess around, play qualifying well, and you can hang up even if you don't want to play. But he started to speak ill of me.

I don't think it's possible to make a new play area and throw all those crap idiot teammates in to fend for themselves. Why let them out to harm innocent people?

I won't tell you who he is. Maybe he was also upset by his teammates in the last game, right?

Have you ever met such a teammate? How do you think it should be handled better? Give me the gossip.

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