NaVi Disbanded

Oct 06 · Moderator

NaVi has just disbanded their PUBGM Roster which included players like Kitsune,Mequ,Tixzy and Matic. This shocked a lot of people as there is no statement of why the team disbanded.

Well of course I know the truth, it because the team participated in a Russian Charity event, yes you hear that right. Charity event is the cause of the disband. As much as there's bad blood between Ukraine and Russia, it is no wonder NaVi (an Ukrainian org) would oppose to the idea.

For those who don't know,NaVi participated in both seasons of PMGC making them one of the most consistent team in their region. They even gotten themselves runner ups in both League and Finals for PMGC 2021 earning them the best global team title at the time (China is on their own level) and won over a million in the span of two years.

Let's hope that the players will be able to find another sponsor so that they will continue their life in the PUBGM Esports scene.

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