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Rendang daging26
Oct 06

The comparison between the AWM and the Tactical Crossbow in Pubg Mobile in New Nusa Map.Both Weapon are best with there different speciality.

Tactical Crossbow:
The Main advantage of the tactical Crossbow is that, this is completely silent weapon.You can get kills without revealing your position.This weapon with Fire 🔥 bolt is only available in a new Nusa Map.This Weapon has very high damage of 105 enemy Knock down in single shot with fire bolt.its bolt fire Range is 200 to 250 meters. When you hit 🎯 a body enemy get killed with fire burn after a few seconds.High Reloading time as compared to AWM.

AWM is one of the best snipers with the highest base damage of 105.The AWM has a 5 ammo capacity, with a low rate of fire. The AWM is more useful to spot an enemy easier rather than the crossbow due to the scope.The advantage of this weapon is that, we can kill enemies in long range as compared to Tactical Crossbow.Low reloading time as compared to Crossbow.

What do you think, which weapon is best and which one is your favourite?
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