This is it! (PMPL SEA League Week 2 Day 1 review)

Oct 06 · Moderator

This is the GeekFam we all know! Malaysia team currently has two representative in the Top 5 (Geek and YALL) while Thailand has one (BAC) and Indonesia has 2 (AE and GD).

AlterEgo Tops the chart without chicken reminiscent of PMPL SEA S2 where they're consistent even without chicken dinner. GeekFam in the other hand has started up their gear and ready to ramp through this week with a good results overall (other than getting contested once in a while).

GD GIDS is in the third with their kinda working consistent aggressive gameplay, and BAC is the best performing Thai teams as of now with YALL,VPE and FaZe sharing points for fifth with the first on top because of more placement points.

The other Malaysia teams 4RVL and DBD actually not doing really bad, but SEM9 is doing kinda bad actually even compared to last week.

Do you think SEM9 will rise on Day 2?

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