finally! My exclusive Estes is back! ! !

molan is coming
Oct 07

I don't know what your first impression of Estes is.
It's a healer who controls the overall situation,
or a punchbag with no displacement legs,
or a tank used to take damage.
But these are all memories from before.
What kind of hero is Estes in your mind?

Rather than being a useless support, Estes is easy to be hunted down, and with his short legs, he is too late to support his teammates.

So why don't we magnify the advantages of Estes?
Some people think that he is more suitable as a tank, so they buy a lot of armor,
and some people think that the mage is actually more suitable for him, so they also buy a lot of magic equipment.

But support is still support after all, and it must also carry the hope of the team. To overcome those hurdles that we cannot overcome, we also need to take control of the overall situation and hold this battle in the palm of your hand!

So I've always believed that...
As long as you keep at it, there will be hope!

Salute to all Estes players!

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