Healing Smoke skill | PUBGM. In Pubg update 2.2.0.

Malik hanzla
Oct 08

There new Gear Front event available with different skills.Now we can discuss best use of healing smoke Skill.Healing smoke helps Increase your healing when you use it.

There is some Advantage of healing smoke.
✓ Healing Smoke help to heal up when you under bule smoke in few seconds.
✓ you can also make cover and incease health just in few seconds.
✓ This skill is very helpful when you don't have healing then can use this skill heal up your all teammates just in few seconds.

During fight you can review your team under smoke you can also healup automatically with smok.

These skills are available in Ranked mode in different maps like Erangle, Nusa, and Livik.
What do you think is helpful during rank push.and what is experience after use this skill.
Share your feedback in Comments section Thank you.

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