New Update glitche in Pochinki Erangle Map | PUBGM

Rendang daging26
Oct 08

In update 2.2.0 there is glitche in Erangle map in Pochinki.Many people use this glitche and kill players.

When some you this glitche and go inside the two wooden boxes.When some one use this glitche there is no way to kill them, but guiltched person kill every one.This glitche is to dangerous because you can't see glitched person.

The disadvantage of this glitche is that, when you kill someone and player report you after match your account get banned 🚫.
Share your story in
comments if you where killed by enemy with this glitche
and any other information related to this glitche.

Note: This content is made for awarenes purpose please don't try this glitche in game because you can get ban on you account.

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