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Oct 08

The Comparison between the NS2000 and DBS in Pubg mobile available in New Nusa Map.Both shotguns are powerful with in their different specific features.

NS2000 (Neo-Stead 2000): This new Shotgun is available in New Nusa Map this gun is more stable as compared to other.Its fire realising time is very low as compared to DBS.Its shoots 12 gauge shells very quickly.This gun shoots accurately at medium and short range.This weapon is very helpful for closing range fights.This weapon has many advantages as compared to other shotguns.
Advantage of NS2000

✓ High damage dealing of 117.
✓ Low recoil.
✓ Fast pumping action time.
✓ Fast reloading time for a
single shell.
✓ It's Upper rail of the gun allow to put all scope on it, except 8X scope.

DBS( Double Barrel shotgun): This shotgun is available in all Maps.This gun is also more stable as compared to NS2000 because it fired 2 bullets in at the same time.This weapon has loaded 14 bullets at same time, this is plus point of this weapon as compared to NS2000.
Advantage of DBS:
✓ high base damage 97.
✓ Maximum range to deal
damage with the DBS is
100 meters
✓ Low recoil
✓ It's Upper rail of the gun
allow to put all scope on it,
except 8X scope.

What do you think which weapon is best and
Which Shotgun is your favourite one?
Share your feedback in Comments section Thank you.

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