A little tips to tank when roam.🤫

Oct 09

This is my Belerick build in rank just now
At last post, you can see my Belerick was not bought about Cursed Helmet.
But why I was bought this item just now and why I wasn't bought it formely?
It was easier to think.

My old build was for late game in last season, so I won't buy the Cursed Helmet. It's because I wanted to save money to buy higher Phy/Magic defense, it can barely to eat damage with using Vengeance and tank emblem. Using lowest money to eating highest damage when your team was inferior 💪

But it was not same at now. The match was finished about 15minutes, so Cursed Helmet was became important for earlier game. This item can protect higher HP and it is only 1760gold, the price of a shoe and this item is only 2490gold!!! If you use all the gold buying item for defense, your tank will not enough HP to eat damage since you was gets higher defense when team fight. When enemy is rich, lower HP will let you be killed faster.

If buy this item, the higher HP will become advantage when both sides economic gap is not too large. You can use Vengeance and tank emblem to replace lower defense and reduce mortality. Furthermore, The sustained damage of Cursed Helmet have been buffed also. It can helps to clean minions easily and decrease HP enemy to helps your team kill enemy easily.

Use this tips to rank easily and don't talk to too many people know.🤫🤫

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