Vehicle back up storage | PUBGM in update 2.2.0 .

Malik hanzla
Oct 09

Vehicle back up storage | PUBGM
In update 2.2.0 there is new vehicle storage option is available in all vehicle.we can store supplies in vehicle just like beg back.This option very helpful and advance feature.In this storage area we can store 600 items at a time.we can store all type of Ammo,healing, thoroughables, fuel ⛽ battery, Scope ect.

Some Advantage of this New feature.
✓ Store back up of supplies
ammo, healing ect if you don't have space in your backpack 🎒.
✓ If you don't have backpack 🎒 you can store supplies in vehicle storage area.
✓ Carry supplies for your teammates.

What do you think this feature is helpful?
Share your feedback in Comments section Thank you.

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