Pros vs Amateurs 2022: Red Bull Flick Invitational adds Heroic and CPHF

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Oct 09

The Red Bull Flick Invitational Copenhagen returns in November this year. Amateur players will put themselves on the spot against professionals in this 2v2 competition. 

The Red Bull Flick Invitational is a unique twist to the traditional 5v5 format in CS: GO. The tournament series started in 2019 and gives amateurs an opportunity to showcase their skill and talent. Last year, we had quite a few upsets, in particular, Polish rookies Team Garnuchy won out against both BIG Clan and G2’s Duos teams.

For many fans, playing against their favorite pros is a once in a lifetime opportunity and Red Bull Flick Invitational is the perfect platform. Most likely, the amateurs will lose, but the experience they gain is unparalleled – along with bragging rights of having won this many rounds against a pro player. 

Besides bragging rights and experience, the tournament also has a sizeable prize pool of €50,000. 

Amateur players will first compete amongst themselves to determine the best across two days from November 19-20, 2022. The pre-stage LAN will take place in a closed, offline qualifier on Saturday 19th November. The top two duos will face will take part in the Pro v AM playoff stage will be broadcast from NEP Studios on the following day.

Eight Invited pro teams will be present as part of the Red Bull Flick Invitational Copenhagen LAN finals. They will compete starting playoffs and work their way through the bracket. 

Pro players from G2, OG, Furia and Big Clan and Team Spirit will attend the Red Bull Flick Invitational. Team Spirit are the defending champions of the Invitational with sdy & magixx winning over the Finnish qualifier duo – Puteli and blaze. 

Joining players from these teams will be members of Copenhagen Flames and Heroic. 

Former Dota 2 TI winner, Johan ‘N0tail’ Sundstein will also be present at the event meeting fans and esports players. 

The finals day (20th November) will be broadcast live on twitch and YouTube. A variety of co-streamers will offer streams in multiple languages, with details to be revealed soon.

International qualifiers for the last spots at the invitational are still taking place! Sign up here to secure your spot in an exclusive competitive experience in Copenhagen. 

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