Saigon Buffalo’s Froggy surprises everyone with LoL’s first professional Zac mid at Worlds 2022

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Oct 09

In the region’s first appearance at Worlds since 2019, VCS side Saigon Buffalo wasted no time pulling out the niche picks at Worlds 2022. SGB’s mid-laner Froggy brought out Zac in the mid-lane. This was a historic moment at Worlds as according to lol stats site, this is the first time the champion has ever been played mid.

While Zac has been played in the top lane this season, no player has taken the leap of faith and played Zac mid. Fans have witnessed Zac being played mid before, but it was at the 2018 All-Stars show match in which Faker opted into the pick and it was not a professional match.The VCS has always been known for its chaotic gameplay that is complemented by unique picks that teams are not ready for.

Although fans have been able to see SGB at MSI earlier this year, this is the first time the global League of Legends audience will have seen the chaotic and innovative region known as the VCS. Vietnam is known for its ‘in your face’ style of League of Legends. Their players are down to scrap and force players into uncomfortable positions.

Although it has been three years without Vietnam on the Worlds stage, they never lost that magic. The game started out with an amazing brawl in the bottom that saw kills traded onto both sides. This sparked an incredible cheer out of LEC caster Trevor “Quickshot” Henry.

In traditional VCS fashion, by the ten-minute mark, the game had exceeded more than a kill per minute as both teams would continue to trade their way into the mid-to-late game. Out of the laning phase is where the Zac pick for Froggy would shine the most. Istanbul Wildcats did not respect the long-range threat of Zac and were punished when Ferret was shoving the bottom lane following a team fight.

Saigon Buffalo would go on to win their first Worlds game since 2018 when they competed under the Phong Vu Buffalo banner. This was an important win for not only the VCT but for Saigon Buffalo. The VCS side has been placed into a monstrously difficult group with three major region teams. Every win matters and getting off to a 1-0 start is just what they will need for their confidence.

Saigon Buffalo will go up against Isurus gaming on day two of the 2022 League of Legends World Championship.

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