Chiefs Aladoric after elimination from Worlds 2022: “Our level of play was extremely bad this tournament, thats not our level 100%”

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Oct 09

Chief Esports Club suffered their fourth defeat at Worlds 2022 Play-Ins, marking their end at the tournament with one game left to go. While Chiefs had some close games in Group A, they were never really at their best in Mexico City.

Following their loss to Beyond Gaming at Worlds 2022 , spoke to Chief Esports’ support Ryan “Aladoric” Gregory Richardson. The player shared his thoughts on what went wrong for his team and his experience at the tournament.

First and foremost thank you for accepting this interview. I know it has not been easy, how are you feeling in the moment?

Aladoric: “Its okay, its not what we want but i already accepted. Its good.”

Sorry about that. I’d like to ask how your experience in Mexico City has been because you joined Chiefs in the summer and you’re at another Worlds?

Aladoric: “Yeah, it’s good. I mean we all thought we would make groups because we had such a good split back home. Like it was so dominant. And we all were like, extremely confident that we could make a difference this time and beat all the other minor regions. But obviously, our level of play was extremely bad this tournament, like, that’s not our level a 100%. That’s not our level, how we played every single game played extremely poorly. I don’t know what it was, I think, maybe a stage thing. I have no idea. But yeah, we played like, 20% of our actual levels. Really embarrassing. But yeah.”

Speaking of the stage, i know you guys also had COVID-19 issues in the beginning, did you think that impacted the performance with the change of enviroment?

Aladoric: “So those were false positives. Like a lot of people got false positives. I think it impacted everyone. It only impacted us on day one, nothing else.”

Would you say the meta had anything to do with the team’s performance because there were some slight changes overall?

Aladoric: “All the Champs that are meta right now, like we’re all proficient at. So I don’t think that that’s an issue. I think that we just didn’t play well on stage at all. Every single game, we just played terribly. Even though we have one game against LOUD. I don’t know what went wrong. But this is, by far the worst performance we’ve ever had on stage a team and probably Oceania as a region as well.”

Can you tell me a bit about your scrim experience when you got to NA?

Aladoric: “We actually didn’t get to to scrim much. We had scrims when we’re in Los Angeles, because we came early. And we screamed NA and we were doing very well against NA. So like LCS teams, i’m not going to say which ones but the ones that at Worlds, we did very well against them. Obviously, not EG because they’re in our group.”

“But we were doing very well in those scrims. And when we came to worlds, we scrimmed three sets, I think. Yeah, three sets only. And those were okay but were not as good as the ones in Los Angeles. So I don’t know what happened. But when we got here, we were just playing like, way worse than we were like a week before.”

So looking at the teams in your group, based on performances who do you see getting out of groups or making a deeper run?

Aladoric: “Probably Fnatic even though they lost they’re still extremely strong. All their laners are extremely talented and good. And their jungler is also very good. They are a very good team as well like the way they play around windows, just the timings are very good.”

“Then I think, watching LOUD today, LOUD looks really really good as well, like Brazil looks extremely good. I think it’s possible that EG doesn’t go to groups and LOUD goes. I think Brazil is like, really, really good. So my two picks from my group to get out of groups will be LOUD and Fnatic.”

Unfortunately the tournament didn’t go the way you and the team planned, but what’s your biggest takeway going back home?

Aladoric: “Next time just have no regrets i guess. I have a few regrets right now. So probably just next time i come on the Worlds stage or MSI stage, just leave with no regrets that’s it really.”

Aladoric and Chiefs will get one last chance to pick up a win at Worlds 2022 with their last game against an in-form LOUD.

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